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2015 Dodge Dart Performance


During the Nineteen Sixties and 70s, the Dodge Dart embodied each automobile sort, from a life-sized to a compact. Once Dodge determined to bring the name back in 2013, they place the model in their open compact spot and, although it hasn’t been back on the marketplace for terribly long, drivers at our Antioch-area Dodge dealer are responding completely. For the 2015 Dodge Dart, we tend to may even see many larger changes return this manner.

2015 Dodge Dart-side view

2015 Dodge Dart – Performance Upgrades

There are lots of rumors concerning upgrades returning for the Dodge Dart, and 2015 could also be the year we tend to finally begin to envision a number of them. Here’s what could also be returning shortly for the Dart:

All-Wheel Drive: The Gurnee winters are often pretty brutal, however all-wheel drive would facilitate your Dart go through the snow safely whereas maintaining traction. This upgrade is definitely returning, it’s simply a matter of once.

Nine-speed automatic transmission: This feature debuted on the 2014 machine Cherokee, and Chrysler ought to be importation it over to different cars pretty shortly. Since the Cherokee and Dart square measure each compacts, it’d create excellent sense. this is able to creating shifting go sander and boost fuel economy. Considering the Dart with the Aero package already gets forty one mpg route, this is able to create the Dart one in every of the most effective gas savers on the road.

2015 Dodge Dart-interior

  Diesel Power train: Some similar models to the Dart have adopted diesel technology as associate elective power train. Machine simply place a diesel within the 2014 Grand Cherokee, thus there’s one obtainable. A turbo four-cylinder would supply some unbelievable performance whereas giving the Dart some wonderful fuel economy.

Dart hybrid: Besides diesel, we tend to might additionally see Dodge eventually emotional a Dart hybrid. The automobile will do wonderful with simply a internal-combustion engine, however once as well as an electrical motor, it would even beat the Toyota Pries.

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